Bankruptcy is big scary word, that most of us don’t want anything to do with.  Yes, sure, it’s one thing to joke about Donald Trump and his propensity to file for bankruptcy protection, but it is not something many of us would be comfortable discussing with out neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, even our family.  This is exactly where we all go wrong.  The bankruptcy laws were enacted in order to protect you: Just like the Constitution protects us all from unreasonable searches and seizures or an arrest without a warrant, the bankruptcy laws were created to protect us from becoming a prisoner of our own ambitions – a safeguard for when the American Dream hits a road block.  This is exactly where Donald Trump has got it right though – sometimes for his business to survive and thrive in the future, it is necessary for him to file for bankruptcy protection. 

Granted, my typical client’s debt and asset structure is nowhere near comparable to Donald Trump, but that is not the point anyway….. my clients come to me because their debts are eating them alive.  The best intentions and ambitions have been shattered by unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, and they don’t even want to answer the phone anymore.  This is not what the American Dream is all about …. is it? 

If you cannot make your ends meet, and our current financial circumstances prevent you from paying all of your bills every month, AND buying all the groceries, paying rent, and renting the occasional movie, then you may be in need of the protections given to all of us by Title 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.