In my opinion, a well-educated client is the best client.  This is not to say that I would be happiest if all my clients were attorneys (on the contrary, I would think), but I am happiest when I know that what I am saying to my clients actually makes sense to them.  Of course, what I say often makes no sense whatsoever (thank you, Congress) and there is a LOT of information to go through even in the most straightforward Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Therefore, I have decided to use the wonderful tools the internet has given me, and blog about some of the most commonly asked questions, the issues that could arise if…, and anything else that I think would benefit readers in the blogosphere. 

Whether you are a client, a referral source, a potential client, or someone just trying to find out more about how all of this works, I hope you will enjoy this blog and welcome all questions and comments.